21. Style Guide#

These are some notes for me and contributors on some style choice specific to this book.

21.1. Plots#

Import dmol package. It will set-up the style for all plots.

21.2. Citations#

The goal of this book is instructional and not a comprehensive review of the literature. Citations should be added as needed for explaining concepts and justifying statements. Citations should be added as:

This is a citation{cite}`foo2020`.

21.4. Tips and Warnings#

Tips (bordered boxes in text) should be used sparingly to convey critical notes beyond bolding. Examples include shuffling data, not using testing data for validation, etc. A warning is a possible mistake or pitfall. A tip is an important thing to remember and not necessarily a potential mistake.

21.5. Right-column Notes#

Notes on the right column are meant to be extra information that adds context, reminders, or additional details about the main text. It should not be necessary to read these for understanding the main text. Should be equivalent to footnotes in-text.